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Interracial Cfnm Lyka’s good male friend Nathan has busted his arm up while playing football, so she invites him over to her house where she and her friends are waiting to give him some sympathy, and a bit of rest & relaxation.

He is still a bit dazed by the whole incident, not to mention the painkillers the hospital gave him, so they decide to let him sleep off the events of the day. The only problem is, Nathan is too out of it to make his own way upstairs and get himself into bed, so the girls lend a hand.

They soon get a shock though – as they take his trousers down so he doesn’t sweat up in bed, they see he isn’t wearing any underwear, and his exposed bare cock is in plain view of all of them! They can’t believe their eyes, as he has a very large penis, and although they know they shouldn’t, they can’t help but leave his cock uncovered by the sheets so they can carry on eyeing it up.

Eventually Nathan drifts off into a groggy painkiller induced deep sleep, and the naughty girls let their dirty side get the better of them, taking turns to hold Nathan’s weighty cock, groping it at first, then stroking it and making it stand up to attention as he drifts in and out of consciousness, until they make him cum all over himself, which they find most enjoyable to watch ;)

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Cfnm Condom Trial It’s been a rough few months over at the condom factory that Renee and her sales team run, so Renee calls a meeting to see what they can do to overcome the downturn. They decide to do some research on their competitors lines of condoms, and in an inspirational moment decide to use Keith as a guinea-pig, to better get a feel in ‘real life’ situations.

Keith isn’t overly keen on being the nude and erect subject for the female sales team, but after being threatened with the sack for failing to enter the team spirit, reluctantly agrees. His feeling of discomfort soon turns to one of pleasure though, as the girls test the condoms he tries on for feel, strength, texture and taste :D

He begins to feel himself losing control as they all get a grip of his variously condom covered cock, and once they start in on how the flavoured ones taste, he knows he isn’t going to be able to keep from shooting his cum for too much longer! Sure enough, as they remove one of the condoms he is unable to hold back, and lets fly with a massive stream of cum that spews all over the boardroom table – much to the mutual shock, surprise, and ultimately enjoyment of all the girls :D

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Welcome to Pure Cfnm, the leading cfnm site with the best cfnm storylines, the most clued-in cfnm girls, and the clothed female naked male fans paradise. Each day we bring you a new episode from the current Pure Cfnm archives, as well as info on new cfnm episodes. Welcome to cfnm heaven – welcome to Pure Cfnm!

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Cfnm Cock Measuring Jess goes in to take Daniel the bodybuilders muscle measuements and oil him up before he goes out on stage. As she is oiling him she cant help but stare at the tiny thong he is wearing, and starts to wonder if the rumors about bodybuilders having tiny dicks due to steroids is true. Without asking, and wth curiosity getting the better of her, she whips Daniel’s thong down, letting his bare cock bounce back up in view.

Daniel is anoyed, but Jess starts stroking his not-shrivelled-at-all dick, telling him another bodybuilding theory – that if you ejaculate before going onstage, your muscle definition is more refined. He isn’t convinced, but when she starts sucking his package, soon enjoys being in a cfnm situation. Mid-way though, organiser Pascha walks in while checking on contestants, and though surprised, she likes what she sees and stays to watch, eventually asking if she can measure Daniel’s cock.

After measuring the length and girth they continue fondling him until he cums as they watch it fly out! Watch Them Measuring The Bodybuilders Cock

Mother Daughter Cfnm Ashleigh’s mother is distraught when she finds out about the cfnm trick her and her friend Kyla played on the French exchange student Julien. Ashleigh told her sister Laura all about it, and tells her mother in front of Julien that apparantly he has a massively huge cock, which she should see for herself. With that, she pulls Julien’s pants down in front of her shocked mother, whose shock turns to amazement at the length and girth even while in it’s flaccid state.

They both stand there admiring Julien’s manhood, before Ashleigh’s mother tells him to get it hard so they can see it in all it’s glory. Julien is baffled by the insane English women’s behaviour, but complies, before mother decides she can do a better job and takes over. With Laura encouraging her mother to make Julien cum, it isn’t long before he can’t control himself any longer and jets out a thick stream of milky cum that the mother and daughter cfnm team delight in seeing! Mother Daughter Cfnm Movie Clips

Caught In The Bath Serial cfnm girl Ashleigh isn’t best pleased when a French exchange student is taken in by her mother, and given Ashleigh’s room for the duration of his stay. She decides to play a trick on him, in the hope of getting herself involved in another cfnm situation that she loves so much.

She gets her friend Kyla over to back up her story, and tells Julien that it’s an English tradition that a man strips naked when entering a woman’s house, to prove they are hiding nothing. He hasn’t heard of such a custom, but not wanting to offend his new housemate, begins to strip off, only to stop at his boxer shorts. Kyla is having none of it, and quick as a flash reaches over to yank Juliens underwear down, exposing his bobbing cock in front of their eyes.

The girls were expecting to be able to laugh at a shrivelled dick, but instead they both let out a surprised yelp as Julien turns out to have the biggest cock either of them have seen to date. They don’t waste the opportunity to see it in action, and make him get hard and wank in front of them as they urge him to spurt his cum! Free Pure Cfnm Movie Sample

Caught In The Bath Like all men do at one time or another, Any is enjoying a soapy wank as he lazes in the bath. Unbeknown to him though, his female housemate Jamie, who is normally a very shy girl, has seen him through the bathroom window, and called the other housemate Laura to let her see as well.

Liking what they see, the girls decide they want a closer look, and burst in on Andy mid-wank, where they force him to stand up so they can see his soap covered erect cock in close-up. Jamie gives a gasp of astonishment at the sight, but her friend Laura is more experienced, and starts to show Jamie how to handle a cock.

Before long Jamie is keen to try for herself, and gives Andy a nervous handjob, until he cums all over her hand. Jamie wipes his cum back on his chest, as the giggling Laura watches. Jamie thanks Laura for the cfnm lesson, and the duo leave an embarrassed Andy to clean up after himself. Watch This Pure Cfnm Movie Sample

Cfnm Cumshot Dave is out for the night and wanders into on of the city bars, where he sees a pretty poledancer called Jess, who he can’t take his eyes off. After her dance he plucks up the courage to follow her backstage and ask her if she fancies a drink with him. Jess isn’t really interested, but fuelled by alcoholic bravado, Dave tells her he is very well hung, and has quite the large package ‘downstairs’.

This gets Jess’s attention, and she tells him that if he gets his cock out there and then, she will give Dave her phone number. He reluctantly agrees, but soon wishes he hadn’t, as Jess immediately starts laughing – his cock is absolutely tiny, he lied to get her number. She decides to embarrass him further by calling in her barmaid friend Yazmin, who is equally amazed at the lack of meat he is packing.

Still laughing at his small cock, they both fondle him, trying to see if it gets any bigger. It does – but only just, however, the girls laughter eventually turns into genuine admiration, for when they get him to the point of ejaculation, he shoots his cum which hits the wall – 6 feet away! Watch The Girls Jaws Drop As He Shoots Cum 6′ Away

Milf Sex has a very nice collection of milf pornstars in accidental cfnm as they catch stepsons and their stepdaughter’s boyfriends with cocks out aplenty – well worth a look see :)

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Cfnm Party It’s an Anne Summers evening for four girls who are having a fun time checking out all the sexy lingerie as well as the range of dildos and vibrators on offer. When the male lodger returns home early he isn’t surprised to see the girls have been drinking and are a bit louder than usual.

One of the girls suggests he model some of the male underwear items for them, which is met with unanimous approval from the girls, but reluctance from the lodger. He goes along with it, but soon finds out the women are more keen on what’s inide the underwear than the items themselves. Sammy tells him to try on a particularly skimpy thong with velcro fastenings, and as he models it, she whips it off, exposing his shaved cock and balls for them all to see.

His embarrassment soons turns to arousal though, as one by one the girls take turns to stroke his hardening dick, and eventually they make him shoot a wad of cum for them as they cheer their delight! Play This Free Pure Cfnm Party Scene

Forced Cfnm Three mates settle down for a lad’s evening in where they have hired a couple of sexy strippers to liven up proceedings. Things take a turn for the worse, when midway through shedding their clothes during the strip act, the girls pull out a gun and tell the guys they are being robbed!

After making them hand their wallets over, they produce their very own form of insurance to make sure the guys don’t go to the police – they force the men to strip naked and make them jerk their cocks while videotaping the entire thing.

The girls then each pretend to suck them off, and threaten to send the videotape to their wives if they breathe a word to anyone what has happened.

A very naughty cfnm episode that we had to change the name of before we could put it online… Play This Free Pure Cfnm Video

Pure Cfnm - The Wrong Showers After a morning in the local swimming pool, the 4 girlfriends head off to the shower to get the chlorine from the pool off their bodies and out of their hair. They get quite a shock though when they enter – there is a nude male in their shower room!

The poor guy has gone into the female shower room by mistake, and the girls spy on him lathering his cock and balls, even stealing his towel while he is unaware of their presence. As he finishes and turns to reach for his towel, the girls jump out on him showing they have his towel. He tries to cover up with his hands, but the girls tell him they will give it back once they have seen him wash his cock more thoroughly.

The end result is a pure cfnm scene of 4 girls ogling an groping an increasingly hard naked male, who can’t help but get so excited he shoots his cum all over the place, making the girls squeal in delight! Play This Free Pure Cfnm Movie