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Pure Cfnm - The Naughty Headmaster A naughty headmaster goes over the top when three girls that have been sent for punishment end up having their skirts raised as they are bent over, and spanked by the headmaster.

They soon realise that as well as spanking them for punishment, he is having a furtive grope of their behinds, and threaten to tell the Governors what he has just been up to. The headmaster tries to cover his tracks by telling them off, but the girls are having none of it. He resorts to pleading with them, mortified that he may lose his job.

The girls gain confidence from this, and tell him that they will only keep quiet if they get to see him naked, after all – he has seen their behinds. He reluctantly agrees, but soon finds the girls want more than just a look, resulting in a cfnm episode that is ranked as one of our all time favorites! Play This Free Pure Cfnm Scene

Cfnm Forced To Wank A great forced cfnm episode, where a posh couple having a dinner party with their equally posh friends are broken into by gun-toting female robbers. The robbers decide to inflict some humiliation, and make the males strip nude, and the women to get down to their underwear.

They then instruct each female to touch the other female’s partner’s cock, and the posh ladies really don’t want any part of it, and are shocked at the thought of being made to do so. The guns win any argument, and the merciless robbers force the girls to wank their non-partners while their true partner looks on helplessly.

The girls do so, but half-heartedly, and it is only when they are told the ‘winner’ will get his money & jewelry back, that they begin stroking the cocks in earnest, vying for the cumshot that will get them their goods back.