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Cfnm Cumshot Dave is out for the night and wanders into on of the city bars, where he sees a pretty poledancer called Jess, who he can’t take his eyes off. After her dance he plucks up the courage to follow her backstage and ask her if she fancies a drink with him. Jess isn’t really interested, but fuelled by alcoholic bravado, Dave tells her he is very well hung, and has quite the large package ‘downstairs’.

This gets Jess’s attention, and she tells him that if he gets his cock out there and then, she will give Dave her phone number. He reluctantly agrees, but soon wishes he hadn’t, as Jess immediately starts laughing – his cock is absolutely tiny, he lied to get her number. She decides to embarrass him further by calling in her barmaid friend Yazmin, who is equally amazed at the lack of meat he is packing.

Still laughing at his small cock, they both fondle him, trying to see if it gets any bigger. It does – but only just, however, the girls laughter eventually turns into genuine admiration, for when they get him to the point of ejaculation, he shoots his cum which hits the wall – 6 feet away! Watch The Girls Jaws Drop As He Shoots Cum 6′ Away

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