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Mother Daughter Cfnm Ashleigh’s mother is distraught when she finds out about the cfnm trick her and her friend Kyla played on the French exchange student Julien. Ashleigh told her sister Laura all about it, and tells her mother in front of Julien that apparantly he has a massively huge cock, which she should see for herself. With that, she pulls Julien’s pants down in front of her shocked mother, whose shock turns to amazement at the length and girth even while in it’s flaccid state.

They both stand there admiring Julien’s manhood, before Ashleigh’s mother tells him to get it hard so they can see it in all it’s glory. Julien is baffled by the insane English women’s behaviour, but complies, before mother decides she can do a better job and takes over. With Laura encouraging her mother to make Julien cum, it isn’t long before he can’t control himself any longer and jets out a thick stream of milky cum that the mother and daughter cfnm team delight in seeing! Mother Daughter Cfnm Movie Clips

Caught In The Bath Serial cfnm girl Ashleigh isn’t best pleased when a French exchange student is taken in by her mother, and given Ashleigh’s room for the duration of his stay. She decides to play a trick on him, in the hope of getting herself involved in another cfnm situation that she loves so much.

She gets her friend Kyla over to back up her story, and tells Julien that it’s an English tradition that a man strips naked when entering a woman’s house, to prove they are hiding nothing. He hasn’t heard of such a custom, but not wanting to offend his new housemate, begins to strip off, only to stop at his boxer shorts. Kyla is having none of it, and quick as a flash reaches over to yank Juliens underwear down, exposing his bobbing cock in front of their eyes.

The girls were expecting to be able to laugh at a shrivelled dick, but instead they both let out a surprised yelp as Julien turns out to have the biggest cock either of them have seen to date. They don’t waste the opportunity to see it in action, and make him get hard and wank in front of them as they urge him to spurt his cum! Free Pure Cfnm Movie Sample