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Cfnm Condom Trial It’s been a rough few months over at the condom factory that Renee and her sales team run, so Renee calls a meeting to see what they can do to overcome the downturn. They decide to do some research on their competitors lines of condoms, and in an inspirational moment decide to use Keith as a guinea-pig, to better get a feel in ‘real life’ situations.

Keith isn’t overly keen on being the nude and erect subject for the female sales team, but after being threatened with the sack for failing to enter the team spirit, reluctantly agrees. His feeling of discomfort soon turns to one of pleasure though, as the girls test the condoms he tries on for feel, strength, texture and taste :D

He begins to feel himself losing control as they all get a grip of his variously condom covered cock, and once they start in on how the flavoured ones taste, he knows he isn’t going to be able to keep from shooting his cum for too much longer! Sure enough, as they remove one of the condoms he is unable to hold back, and lets fly with a massive stream of cum that spews all over the boardroom table – much to the mutual shock, surprise, and ultimately enjoyment of all the girls :D

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